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quote:Originally posted by lamada

------ ERROR --------------------------
The MySQL service is starting.
The MySQL service could not be started.

A system error has occurred.

System error 1067 has occurred.

The process terminated unexpectedly.

Ok that is not the 'error'. 1067 is a generic 'service failed' error. It means very little.

You need to look at the error log and read the error and it's explanation. It will give you an idea where to look.

Post what it says and maybe we can help.

Thought of this after I posted. Check the permissions on the file. It's a longshot, but might have copied over some file restrictions from the editor.

Ok I copied your code to my system and it blew up. The error file for windows is useless. Checked the MySQL error log, useless.

Also noticed that windows hides the file extension even with 'hide file extension' turned off. This was talked about on Windows also thinks this is a dialer file, nice!

You can force the OS to show the extension, but I don't believe it to be necessary.
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