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well milliseconds can never have value more than 999. but what we see is 15 numbers. also 1.500 is the same as "1 min and 500 milliseconds" or "1 min and 5 milliseconds"

as an analogy: 1.5 years would mean 1 year and 6 months rather than 1 year and 5 months.

Old Pedant:

if i do round off, then i may have to manipulate the seconds/hours/or even date part.

For eg:


this date time value will make me do lot of string manipulation work.
(am i right?)

my requirement is 3 digits after the seconds part. and this should represent milliseconds. if there is a way to format this time stamp value so that just 3 digits are returned for the frac seconds part. so that i can readily consider this as milliseconds.
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