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***Dont worry about the Description colum.
     F G H I J
   Priority Description Environment Impact Cycle

When you click on cell F1 a drop down box comes up with xDE,xDV etc. In the macro i have assigned each one a value of 1-11(look at my previous post).so when the user selects xDE the value of 1 is stored in a temp variable in the macro but what is displayed on the spreadsheet is xDE. The same goes for Impact and Cycle. The sum of Environment, Impact, and Cycle goes into the Priority column.

This is how it should work:
Click on cell H1 and choose an Environment for the drop down list.
Click on cell I1 and choose an Impact from the drop down list
Click on cell J1 and choose a Cycle from the drop down list.
Run the macro
The value in cell F1 should be the sum of H1+I1+J1
Next I would go to cell H2 and do the same thing all over again.

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