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Default Use what you need

Each language has advantages and disadvantages.
Java and .NET are managed and have a large framework (and differ from each other in the framework so one would be better with some things).
C++ gives you much greater control but is still OO, C and assembler gives you the ultimate control.
Python has many advantages:

It's short - many things that you will write in python will require something like 50% of the code lines the same thing written in Java and even better ration compared to C++

It's flexable - the fact that everything is an object, the fact that it's nontyped, the fact that you can write script-like code but you can also write OO code and you can combine script-like with OO code all these give flexibility. Togther with many little things like yield statements you get greate flexability.

Managed but not restricted - While python is 100% managed with a garbage collector unlike Java you get full access to everything you need. You can point to a function, change code on runtime and do many more things.

Python is very easy to learn so if you feel like checking it out you can see if you find advantages. Otherwise just play around with it a bit to know it and see its advantages and learn it if and when you have a project you think python will be better for than other langauges.
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