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Default Disappearing wizards

I've seen a similar posting, however it ended nearly two years ago and no solution was found.

I'm basically trying to create a combo box on a form, and, naturally expecting the wizard to show (yes the wizard toggle button is pressed), however its not showing. It doesn't show for any control, on any form, or for any database file! At college, the wizards sometimes work, (we get an usnusual message "Cannot do anything at this time") when we create controls, but most of the time it works...

How do I get the wizards to work again? It's quite essential that the wizard shows, I can't get any further on my coursework without it, and the deadline is rapidly approaching!!

Cheers, Tom

Windows XP SP2
Office 2000 (at both home & college)
no other versions of Office are installed, however office xp has been installed in the past, but now removed.

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