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Default Dynamic Database Action in BizTalk 2009

Hi there,

I am very new to BizTalk but my client wanted to done the work with BizTalk.
I have a situation described below:

I have a table name CustAccount in CRM where database and customer name is entered for customer. These customers have database with many tables in CRM and they also have data in another table in another DB outside crm. Now what I have to do is pick a database name from CustAccount and send their data to their tables with Biztalk (with CRM adapter for BizTalk). Note that in CustAccount table database name is entered by human and also create database in CRM. Now Question is:

1)Does BizTalk support this dynamic action? (Picking database name and sending data to that database.)
2)How we can setup schema for a database which is not created yet? I know we can do it with programming.

Please give me as much information possible because I am very new. But I completed some small project with Biztalk without dynamism.

Any help will be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance
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