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Default Installing DLL in Visual Studio 2005 - help!

I have such a simple question, I am ashamed to ask it. I have a large program written in VB Net Framework 2.0, and it needs to interface with a couple of Keyence distance sensors. I have been given the required software, which I am sure actually works, because somebody installed it on a previous computer that has been stolen, and it worked there. The files I have received are named


I suppose that should be enough.The program (parts of which I received previously) contains function calls like

Public Declare Function LKIF_DataStorageInit Lib "Lkif.dll" () As Integer

My question is: where should I put these three files, and how do I connect the program to them, so that the function calls work? It worked before, but damifIknow how to do it myself. Please help an old man who is a newbie!
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