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Default Generating the XSD

Originally Posted by GethWho View Post
Hi all,

Just started using SSIS a week ago, and was surprised to note that I couldn't find XML as a destination for a Data Flow activity. Having just picked up my copy of Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services yesteday, I thought I'd find out where I went wrong, but so far, no joy.

Is there a default XML destination for SSIS?

If not, does anyone know of an XSLT document/sample out there that purely does a copy of an XML file? (I should note that I've only started looking at XML data, and XSLT specifically, 2 days ago, when the requirements came through.) It might sound a bit silly, but I found some XSLT code that strips out namespaces - if I apply that as the Operation Type on my XML Task, and choose my output as a text file (create file) connection, then it appears to spit out valid XML into the final file.

I realize that I could just use the File System Task to simply copy a file. My task, however, is to take 2 or more XML file's (none of them described by XSD's since they are dynamically created and will have varying structure's), merge those, then merge a csv file, and final generate an XML file per a specific DTD. Not too bad a task for the first thing I need to do in SSIS or XML, ever.

Needless to say - any help/direction/sample would be HUGELY appreciated.:D

Thanks all.....

Is it possible for you to share the code that eliminates the namespaces? Actually, I've been trying to generate an XSD by using the source XML file; however it threw an error saying "Unable to infer the XML file. There are too many namespaces."

Sushant Rao
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