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Advice - specifies what to do at a join point. In the case of Spring, this is the additional behavior that Spring will inject around a method invocation. It is most often defined in a method interceptor, which will be invoked as part of an interceptor chain wrapping the method invocation.

The key to AOP is providing a different way of thinking about application structure.

This structural thinking is captured in the form of pointcuts.
Pointcuts are predicates determining which joinpoints a piece of advice should apply to. It's more intuitive although not entirely accurate to think of a pointcut as a set of joinpoints: for example, a set of methods that might be targeted by an advice.

These two books from Wrox, are a good starting point - it's hard to understand these terms and/or their logic without understanding the Spring approach.

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Expert One on One J2EE Development without EJB