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Hi Feng!
I know its a very long time you would have found the answer all by yourself but the point here is if someone comes looking for a similar scenario this post might be of use to them. Find the code below i have commented the statements too for you to understand. Lemme know if u have any problem.

string _StuName=string.Empty;
SqlConnectionStringBuilder _sqlCon = new SqlConnectionStringBuilder();

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(_sqlCon.ConnectionString);

//You need to open the connection to the database

SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(@"select top 1 StudentName from StudentInfo",con); //You need to pass the Query and the connection or you can also use the SqlCommand.Connection to specify the Connection String

//then u can use the SqlCommand.ExecuteReader() method to execute you query
SqlDataReader sDataReader = command.ExecuteReader();

	Console.WriteLine(sDataReader[0].ToString()); //sDataReader[0] takes the First Column