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Default How to Reply to Instant Message


I'm working through some of the examples in the book, the UC Developer training kit and SDK samples. I have the scenarios working, but I can't seem to figure out how to reply to an Instant Message within a conversation that I didn't start. Below is some of the code I'm working with. I can write out to the console e.remoteparticipant.uri. I just can't call _im.flow.beginSendInstantMessage - I get InvalidOperationException.

void InstantMesageReceived(object sender, CallRececeivedEventArgs<InstantMessagingCall> e)


Console.writeLine(e.RemoteParticipant.Uri); //This works fine

InstantMessagingCall _imCall = e.Call;

_imCall.Flow.BeginSendInstantMessage("Hi",SendMess ageCompleted, _imCall); //This doesn't work


Thank you!
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