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Hi Rod,

I'm not sure I really understand why, but it is working, thanks to your suggestion. I had to google quite a bit to find out how to put the pieces together, but I'm happy it's now working. Here's what I did:

1) Saved the xml data into a text file (userlog.xml)
2) Used xsd to extract the info (xsd userlog.xml /d /l:VB)

Then, I read the schema followed by the xml, and it just works without any other changes. My only problem is understanding how to used the xsd when it's added to the project. I couldn't figure out how to reference it, so I'm reading it from file on disk with


which works fine, as long as I remember to copy the xsd file to the application folder once it's all done. Right now, the file sits in the Debug folder, which works fine for the time being...