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Default Your database solution

Hello Leopoldo,

Thank you for the follow up post and your kind words about the Access 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference book, I appreciate your efforts! Ok, so it sounds like the problems that you are having are really problems that are specific to your database application and are not really questions about the Access 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference book...but I will still try to help!

Ok, so I do NOT believe that the "(+)" syntax is required or supported here, and is probably your real problem (I don't think that the Access query engine supports this kind of syntax in a query...I believe this is an Oracle specific piece of SQL Code). But, what you can do is if you already have a local table in an Access database (with the same structure as the Oracle table), and you also have a linked table to the Oracle table in that database, then the Append query should be very simple, something like:

INSERT INTO tblAccessTable ( AccField1, AccField2, AccField3 )
SELECT tblOracleTable.Field1, tblOracleTable.Field2, tblOracleTable.Field3
FROM tblOracleTable;
All you have to do is SELECT all of the fields you want from one table and INSERT them into the other table. But REMEMBER, if the Oracle table has lookups to other tables (and your table DOES from looking at your code above), you'll need to append the data to the lookup tables FIRST, before appending the main Oracle table! Does this make sense? I understand that there may be some language difficulties, but hopefully you can understand my comments.

Anyway, hopefully this helps, but if there is anything else I can do, please just let me know!

Geoffrey L. Griffith

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