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Hi there kenj,

Thanks for the reply.

I tried getting some feedback from the script as you suggested by adding:

PHP Code:
echo $query
Which gave me a URL in the format I was expecting: add_post.php?fid=1&mid=0

and echoed:

INSERT INTO ufw_forum_message (subject, message_text, parent_message_id, forum_id, user_id) VALUES ("This is a Test Message", "This is a test.", 0, 1, 1)

which looks right to me, although I may be mistaken. I really am stumped at the moment.

About the other posts... I am aware of them, but haven't gotten as far as pagination (can't test that if I can't add messages ) or uploading avatars. I looked over your ~$user post, and you've mentioned a few interesting things, which I need to test as well. I only have one user registered at the moment for testing, and it didn't have permissions to make forums, so I modified the value in the database, although from what I can gather about some posts on further chapters, there seems to be an admin panel that should allow for assigning users certain permissions. I also need to discover where the error log should be, as I can't seem to find it on my PC (running local LAMP setup).

Thanks once again!
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