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Default Chapter 4 walk-through

I've completed my personal walk-through of chapter 4 (for the 1000th time :) ).

You can get a codeplex project that has all the site columns, content types, lists and workflows described in the chapter here:

Here is the "raw" errata for the chapter. The good people at Wrox will take it and put it up in the official errata section for the book as shortly after I get it to them (which will be a few minutes after I click "Submit Reply" on this posting.

Here are the "raw" unformatted errata for chapter 4:

Page 65: Before the section labeled "Helpdesk Category Codes", insert the following bolded text:
Create a new SharePoint custom list named "Helpdesk Status Codes. Via this new list's settings, enable content types (via advanced settings) and then add the content type you just created to it (i.e. Helpdesk Status Codes).

Page 65: For clarity, add to the following sentence the bolded text:
"Having created the site columns, add them to a new content type named Helpdesk Status Codes. Create the new Helpdesk Status Codes based off the standard Item system content type."

Page 66: Just before the new section labeled Helpdesk ticket, add the following bolded text:
Create a new SharePoint custom list for this new content type. Name it Helpdesk Category Codes and associate the site content type, Helpdesk Category Codes, with this new list.

Page 66: in Table 4-3, the text Additional Settings for the column name "HD_TicketStatus" should be changed from "See next." to the following bolded text:
Selects values from the Helpdesk Status Codes custom list you created earlier.

Page 66: At the bottom of this page (or before the following section "GP_Delegate", add the following bolded text:
Once you've created site content type, create a custom SharePoint list for it. Name this custom list "Helpdesk Ticket".

Page 67: In table 4-4, the Column name should read GP_DelegateTo instead of HD_DelegateTo

Page 67: After the table listing and before the new section, "Create Workflows", add the following text:
Create a new site content type named "General Purpose Delegate" based off the default SharePoint Item content type. Add the GP columns from table 4-4 to this new site content type.

Next, Create a new custom list named GP_Delegation. Configure this custom list to use the General Purpose Delegate site content type.

Page 73: Insert the following at the top of page 73 right before the paragraph that starts, "This utility workflow is almost a mirror image "
This workflow runs against the Helpdesk Ticket custom list that you created earlier. Just like the Update Delegate Key workflow you just finished creating, this utility workflow also runs automatically. Again, it's also useful to allow a manual start for debugging purposes.

Page 73: Step #1 should be amended to read as follows:
1. First, create two workflow variables named wfv_CalculatedKey and wfv_DelegatedUser.

Page 73: Figure 4-14 should show the variable "wfv_DelegatedUser" instead of "wfv_CalculatedKey". This change should be made in the "Find the List Item" section of the screen capture and lies just below the word "Field".

Page 73: The paragraph immediately after step #3 should replace "wfv_CalculatedKey" with "wfv_DelegatedUser".

Page 75: At the bottom of the page, step #5 should read:
5. Select HD_CategoryCode from Current Item.

Page 75: Figure 4-21: The full text in the screen capture should read:
[%Current Item:ID%];#[%Current Item:HD_CategoryCode%]

Page 76: The first sentence in the Assign Default Owner section should be amended as bolded:
The Assign Default Owner workflow leverages the Helpdesk Category Codes list to look up and assign a helpdesk administrator to work on the ticket.

Page 76: The 3rd paragraph in the "Assign Default Owner" section:
Replace the word "HD_Categories" in that sentence with "Helpdesk Category Codes"
(this is basically the same change as the previous bullet point)

Page 76: 4th paragraph:
Replace "HD_Categories" with "Helpdesk Category Codes"

Page 76: Figure 4-23:
In the screen capture, the "Data Source" should read "Helpdesk Category Codes" instead of "Helpdesk Categories"

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