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Hi Imar,

The syntax error was
'Optimization' is not a member of 'Web'
And yes, I think Microsoft.Web.Optimization was installed according to NuGet, but - I'm not sure I understand why, my project had a significant number more of installed packages than the downloaded source, and not the same packages. Although I found in NuGet manager the Id = Microsoft.Web.Optimization, I didn't see the exact same .dll file that was in your source download file set. So I started over.

I copied the Final version and tried working with that again. I was able to see the bundler working correctly.

I'm not sure the difference was caused by my using Visual Studio 2013. Your downloaded source obviously runs just fine in VS2013. However, as I worked through the book and downloaded packages through NuGet, I don't think I always got the same packages because of updates to the packages NuGet downloads. That may have been a source of problems. If I don't have the right .dll I'll get a syntax error, yes?

I did notice an interesting thing. When I deleted the test2.css the color green went away. When I replaced the test2.css, the color green did not come back. But if I closed the solution and reopened it, then the color green came back. That was a source of some problem because with your downloaded code, the test2.css file is not present (not meaning that's a problem on your end, just a fact), and merely adding it to the project didn't get it into the bundler.

Another thing you may already be aware of, but it caused an issue for me that took a while to figure out. When we copy the source code, the build process throws warnings about updating files. I wrote up what I think is the solution here;

But it all worked out.

Anyway, your comments on knowing how to pick the right NuGet packages would be appreciated, and how do we know how to use those packages? Where do we find the documentation for them, etc.?

Best Regards,
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