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Sorry for the slow reply.

It looks like that code loops through the records and displays them one at a time in the TextBoxes. It all happens too fast to see and you only see the last values they contain from the final record.

One solution would be to add the results to a ListBox or ComboBox. Suppose you have a ListBox named lstResults. Then the key piece of code might look something like this:

While dr.Read()
    String result = dr("CD").ToString() & _
        dr("ARTISTS").ToString() & _
        dr("RECORDED").ToString() & _
        dr("TUNE").ToString() & _
End While
The same would work for a ComboBox.

You could also move the values into a DataGrid or other control one at a time, but it would be easier to use LINQ To SQL to load the data into a DataTable and then set the DataGrid's DataSource property to the DataTable. (If I'm remembering correctly.)

Give one of these ideas a try and if it doesn't work email me ( and I'll help you out.

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