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Default smtp settings in webconfig file

I have a question-scenario and I would like your help. I am posting in this forum because I learned aspnet from the great book of Imaar (beginning aspnet 4.5) and I have built my website following the exercises in the book!

here is the scenario:
let's say that you are controlling the aspnet project of the customer plus the dedicated server . The server is a dedicated server (plesk control panel-version 12) at godaddy.

The website owner's website has a contact form where a user can submit it and send the comment/questions to him (the website owner).
In the webconfig file of the project ithere is something like that:

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="Webmaster &lt;;">
<network host="" port="25" />

The at webconfig file above is the server info that godaddy gave to the website owner.
However when a user submits the form, the e mail is not sent to the address defined at webconfig ( godaddy dedicated server uses its own default mail server.
so the website owner wants to use an external mail server (yahoo mail server) in Plesk instead of the default server.
how would you add the external server at plesk and how you would change the MX records in order to be able to receive the emails from the website forms into his yahoo mail account?
Does this make sense?

for example for smtp settings , where would you point your MX records etc?
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