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Default broken pipe error in implementing client -server

i am new to socket programming...when i was trying the code given in the book for client-server model using socket programming, i faced a broken pipe error in the server program

int main()
{ int sockfd;
        int len;
        struct sockaddr_un address;
        int result;
        char ch='A';



        result=connect(sockfd,(struct sockaddr *)&address,len);
        { perror("oops:client");

        printf("char from server=%c\n",ch);

int main()
        int server_sockfd,client_sockfd;
        int server_len,client_len;
        struct sockaddr_un server_address;
        struct sockaddr_un client_address;
        char ch;


        bind(server_sockfd,(struct sockaddr *)&server_address,server_len);
        { printf("server waiting\n");
                client_sockfd=accept(server_sockfd,(struct sockaddr *)&client_address,(socklen_t *)&client_len);

when i run server in the background i get
server waiting

after this when i run client i get
[1]+ Broken pipe ./server

i am not being able to figure the error...plz help