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Default IstateManager Problem

I am Developing a custom grid.i am managing my viewstate manually through implementing the IStateManager.
The problem is that NON OF SaveViewState And LoadViewState Events EVER get fired and i can't figure out why?!
i have seen lots of articles on it,Please Do not direct me to a link.i haven't found any answers by myself.Thanks In advance.
I have tried the simplest form possible to see what's wrong but i have the same problem in this little code again ,here is the code:

namespace GridControl

public class MabnaGrid :GridView, IStateManager
public MabnaGrid()
bool IStateManager.IsTrackingViewState
get { return base.IsTrackingViewState; }
void IStateManager.TrackViewState()
object IStateManager.SaveViewState()
object[] State = new object[2];
State[0] = base.SaveViewState ();
State[1] = "hi";
return State;
void IStateManager.LoadViewState(object state)
if (state == null)