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Default Reload page Tooltip not work - Reload xslt file?

Hi, I need help please!
My tooltip works fine but the moment one reload the page which is set on some objects then the tooltip does not work!

How can i bypas this or make it reload the xslt file?

                <xsl:if test="Tooltip != ''">
            <xsl:attribute name='href'>#</xsl:attribute>
            <xsl:attribute name='rel'>ttip_<xsl:value-of select='@name' /></xsl:attribute>
            <xsl:attribute name='onClick'>this.blur();return false;</xsl:attribute>
            <img src="images/help.jpg" align="texttop" border="0" style='border : none; cursor:default; outline-style:none;'></img>
          <div id="{concat('ttip_',@name)}" class="balloonstyle" style="width: 230px; border : none;">
            <xsl:value-of select="Tooltip" />
        <xsl:if test="@dynamic='true'">
          <xsl:element name="asp:imageButton">
            <xsl:attribute name='id'>reload_<xsl:value-of select='@name' /></xsl:attribute>
            <xsl:attribute name='runat'>server</xsl:attribute>
            <xsl:attribute name='imageurl'>images/CFG/blank.gif</xsl:attribute>

Please what am i doing wrong?

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