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I fixed my own problem by doing the export a different way. I used an event procedure on a form called Month:

DoCmd.OutputTo acQuery, "qry_month", "MicrosoftExcel(*.xls)", "D:\Recertifications.xls"

However, now I need to filter this data to a particular month the user chooses in a control(Combo26 which lets the user choose a month) on a form (Month).

In qry_month which is getting exported, I created a field called RecertMonth which returns only the month of the expiration date. In the criteria for this field, I used:

I thought this was correct, but I get the following error:

The action or method is invalid because the form or report
isn't bound to a table or query.

I attempted to make the control bound, but that resulted in nothing being exported. Any suggestions on where I am going wrong?
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