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access thread: Re: Lock problems on an mdb

Message #1 by "Beverly Usher" <bUsher@h...> on Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:32:54 +0100
I have a back-end Access database on a server which many users look at for 

reporting. I fill it from another source (SQLServer) in the evening and cop

y it out to servers at four sites for reporting on the next day. My problem

 is that the file occasionally accumulates locks, even at night when no one

 is using it (the .ldb showed my computer for two entries when I was not us

ing the file). I have tried copying objects into it, but the macro or code 

hangs when it hits a file that thinks it is locked. I do not want to make t

he data up in that file in case there are network problems and the process 

fails -- at least this way we have 2 day old data rather than a mess on the


Is there any way to avoid these locks accumulating? or any way to break the

 locks when it happens?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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