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SMTP property tag"Chaikin, Yaakov Y" <yaakov.y.chaikin@b...>621 Mar
How to fire an event when new a mail comesSumanesh Maharabhusanam <sumaneshm@y...>121 Mar
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How can I send image in mail using CDONTSZeeshan Qamar <zeeqamar@y...>119 Mar
Something wrong with my code or did someone screw something up on the server?"Pierre du Toit" <greywacke@f...>219 Mar
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Problem On Creating Mailbox in Exchange 2000 by ASP"Monster" <monster_rl@y...>115 Mar
Mailaddress from Exchange 5.5Robbin Gille <robbin.gille@n...> 15 Mar
i can only create the AD user"Monster" <monster_rl@y...>312 Mar
Re: Problems with Connecting to Exchange Server From IIS 5.1/ASP"Fred Botha" <botha@m...>112 Mar
How to save mails sent to "Sent Items" folderSumanesh Maharabhusanam <sumaneshm@y...>311 Mar
How do I get the mail adress from exchange 5.5?Robbin Gille <robbin.gille@n...>108 Mar
Re: Attachment Results in garbled body message"Brian" <brian@c...> 06 Mar
Yahoo and Attachments"Brian" <brian@c...>106 Mar
Problems on Creating a New Mailbox through the web"Monster" <monster_rl@y...>203 Mar
RE: Permission problem with send of newmail"Siegfried Weber" <sweber@c...>102 Mar