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asp_cdo thread: RE: cdonts mail: a fix?...(duct tape method)

Message #1 by "libs0813" <libs0813@y...> on Thu, 20 Mar 2003 00:01:30
hi, u may not remember this msg that u sent a long time ago,  but  i was 
wondering if u are using smarthost to relay ur mesgs.    
i still cant send emails even if i did add the domains u listed.  
thanks for ur help.  

> Ok - in case anyone else is having similar problems, check out this
weird fix I stumbled on. It's a bit 'duct-tape'ish, but works great so

I noticed that when I added mydomain.com as a 'remote domain' in IIS'
SMTP domains list, I actually received those emails - but the
externaldomain.com emails were still getting dumped into Badmail.

So I added 3 more remote domains in the list named:
1.) "*.com"
2.) "*.net"
3.) "*.org"

And clicked the "allow relay to these domains" checkboxes in each of
their Property panels and PRESTO!!!! My ASP.NET mailmessage() function
finally sends mail to internal and external domains!

I'm guessing this is not a proper fix, but can confirm that all emails
are working now.  *shrug* 

If anyone has an actual problem-source/solution let me know - otherwise,
this duct-tape method works for me! This is one of the weirdest bugs/IIS
annoyances I've ever had to deal with... Ugh.


-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Emerson
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 9:33 AM
Subject: [asp_cdo] RE: cdonts mail

Sorry. I posted this in a thread @ p2p and forgot it would get posted
here! I don't think it's an .net issue, but if anyone can help great!
Here's my full situation.

Problem Details
I have a website hosted via TZO on my win2k Server. I've used Argosoft
mailserver for my SMTP mail server for 2+ years w/no problem - even with
CDONTS email applications.
I don't recall making a change to any SMTP settings recently, but, for
whatever reason, my MailMessage() functions from my ASP.NET applications
won't send mail out correctly - either ending up in the badmail or the
drop folder.

I've tried tweaking IIS' SMTP server settings, tweaking Argosoft's
settings but I can't seem to get it working perfectly. The best I can
get is to have the emails CC'd mydomain.com sent, but the true
RECIPIENTS (@ outside domains) get slapped in the badmailfolder.

Error Messages
The only messages I've extracted from the 'bad/dropped' emails are the

1. "The specific error code was 0xC00402C7"

2. "The message sender was <>"
(in this case, the BCC copy to mydomain.com reads the x-sender header as
"<emailsender@m...>", but in the failed copy the x-sender is

3. "Delivery to the following recipients failed. myemail@x..."

I believe I have this email problem even with classic ASP CDONTS
examples, but this problem initially started with one of my ASP.NET
applciations using the MailMessage() object.  I've debugged the code and
at the time of lobjMail.Send() all the fields are correct and formatted
properly (TO, FROM, SUBJECT, etc).

My Settings:
Argosoft: My SMTP mail program is currently set for "SMTP
Authentication" and sends email fine to and from outlook express/etc.

IIS: Currently my SMTP settings in IIS are the default settings except
the port which I had to switch to 26 2 years ago when I started using a
mail server.

Any advice/hints are much appreciated - I think I'm going nuts!! The
only idea I have at this point is a unintall/reinstall of SMTP but I
have a feeling that won't do anything.

Sorry again about my initial post.


-----Original Message-----
From: Aaron Fleming [mailto:aaronf@w...]
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 9:10 AM
Subject: [asp_cdo] RE: cdonts mail

You're going to have to be a little more specific.

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