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asp_databases thread: Help for ASP Code accessing DB2 on AS/400 via Client Access

Message #1 by nadeem@u... on Fri, 7 Dec 2001 12:22:54

I have following code which work fine with MS/Acess and SQL. However when 

I use DB2 via ODBC Client Access (AS/400), "Changed" message is not 

appearing nonetheless REMARK field in some of order lines has some string 


' CODE start ------------------------------------------------

if not IsEmpty(fldREMARK) then fldCheckFieldName= "changed"

'remarks = cn.execute("select count(*) from OFROMAS WHERE OrderNo 

= "&fldORDERNO&" AND (NOT REMARK IS NULL) AND REMARK<>""""").fields.item(0)

remarks = Clng(DLookUp("OFROMAS", "count(*)", "OrderNo=" & fldORDERNO& " 

and (not REMARK IS NULL) AND REMARK<>"""""))

if remarks > 0 then 

fldCheckFieldName = "<font color=""#ff0000"">changed</font>" 


fldCheckFieldName = "" 

end if

' CODE ends ------------------------------------------------

Can someone help to me to write REMARK<>"""" in different way so that it 

shall be understood by DB2?

Thanks in advance.


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