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asp_jobs thread: NEED: Technical Recruiter for ASP Developer/GURU

Message #1 by "Michael Mason" <michael@m...> on Fri, 6 Jul 2001 21:06:27
Technical Recruiters,

    I'm looking for an excellent technical recruiter who can keep me in at 

least 40 hrs a week in ASP / internet / intranet development for 

telecommute work. Someone with a strong understanding of both software 

development tools and technical verbiage can appreciate my varied 

background and be better suited to sell the services that I can provide a 

client. I primarily develop using Microsoft tools and running Microsoft 

applications, but there are many other software packages that I can be 

used to create a finished product.


    I am a professional developer/administrator that's been in I.T. 

development since the release of the 286 PC (I even had an 8088). I was 

one of the original beta testers for Window's 3.0, VB 1.0, VB DOS, etc. So 

my experience and expertise goes back to the early PC development days 

when PCs came with GWBasic. 

    I am flexible, a quick learner and have a tremendous amount of skills. 

I love learning new software products, and have no problem adding hardware 

or software if needed for a project. I already host five servers from my 

home studio, including NT 4.0, Win 2000, SQL Server 7.0, email server, web 

servers, and testing/debug machines.

    Mid 30's, partnered and settled. I've been consulting for quite a few 

years, but I am tired of relocating all over the world for projects. Now, 

I am eager to stay in one place and have a yard and garden, but keep the 

diversity/challenges that multiple projects provide.


    I am currently in Mill Valley, CA, but moving to Atlanta, GA by mid 

August (our new house).

    So, if you are looking for a developer you can count on, both 

personally and professionally, let's build a working partnership. If this 

sounds like a good match with your skills and talent, see my site and 

resume. If you have any questions, please contact me at (415) 383-8449.


Michael Mason


SITE: http://www.MasonHolt.com

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