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asp_webserver thread: excel as a data source

Message #1 by "Ian Richardson" <ian@i...> on Tue, 27 Nov 2001 09:56:52

I have produced an application that uses an excel spreadsheet as its data 

source, this is becuase the calculations performed are quite complex and 

in the first instance it would prove too costly for the client to migrate 

everything to a database.

The operation is:

user enters an amount into a text input - spreadsheet is updated into a 

named reference - the web page redirects to another asp page where the 

results are taken from another named reference.

I developed this using Windows 98 and PWS and everything works fine, when 

I moved it onto my webserver which is W Server 2000 it only produces the 

last SAVED result, not the updated values. On the PWS version the 

spreadsheet updates but doesn't save, which is fine. On Server 2000 the 

spreadsheet doesn't update until manually saved. Another anomily is that 

on PWS the speadsheet has to be open for the app to work, on Server 2000 

it has to be closed.

Could anybody suggest optioons that would make this work on Server 2000?

many thanks


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