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asptoday_discuss thread: How to create IIsWebVirtualDir in vb.Net

Message #1 by a844001@m... on Thu, 6 Sep 2001 01:59:21
One question about how to create IIsWebVirtualDir in vb.Net ?

My code:

        Dim objDirEnt As DirectoryEntry = New DirectoryEntry


        Dim ChildEnt As DirectoryEntry

        objDirEnt.UsePropertyCache = True

        Dim objChild As DirectoryEntry = objDirEnt.Children.Add

        ("TestDir", "IIsWebVirtualDir")


        objChild.Properties("Path")(0) = "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot"

        objChild.Properties("AccessWrite")(0) = False

        objChild.Properties("AccessRead")(0) = True

        objChild.Properties("ContentIndexed")(0) = False

        objChild.Properties("EnableDefaultDoc")(0) = True

        objChild.Properties("AccessScript")(0) = True

        objChild.Properties("KeyType")(0) = "IIsWebVirtualDir"

        objChild.Properties("EnableDirBrowsing")(0) = False

        objChild.Properties("AppFriendlyName")(0) = Name

        objChild.Invoke("AppCreate", True)


    End Sub

ˇ·My Problem is the TestDir is not empty. it contains much defult

  VirtualDir why? Could someone tell Me How to do? Thanks

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