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asptoday_discuss thread: Passing data from XML to ASP

Message #1 by "Tan Chye Ting" <chyeting18@h...> on Wed, 2 Jan 2002 13:56:53
halo, life has been hell for me because the server was down...ok here is 

my question....i have a treeview built using XML...and what i wanna do is 

to pass data from the treeview to the main frame...how do i do that?..just 

imagine that my window has two frames,one consist of the treeview..and the 

other one consist of the main page that will change as i click on the 


actually as i click on each element on the treeview,it is connacted to 

other subcomponent...

something like each share has got their own overview,and corporate info....

if i click on a particular share , the page will actually load their own 

over view and information....

i was thinking of using session object to fetch the name of the component 

i click on the treeview frame and fetch the relevent info from the 

database using the session variable..will it work?how it is done?

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