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asptoday_discuss thread: WebDAV and serving web assets in and out of IIS/SQL Server

Message #1 by "Simon Hill" <simon@c...> on Thu, 3 Jan 2002 22:50:57 -0000

I want to use WebDAV to support the uploading of web assets into a database

via a WebDAV client like HomeSite 5, and serve them out of a db. I think I

want to somehow set a 'handler' on my asset directory that intercepts the

WebDAV commands, as well as the HTTP GETs from webservers retrieving images

(say, from <img src='mydirectory/asset.gif'>) and serves the BLOB instead.

Any pointers would be very gratefully appreciated, as I am at a loss as to

how to do the interception, or even some clarification on what the right way

would be to think about this problem would be great.



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