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aspx thread: Loading Data to DataGrid in WebForms

Message #1 by comching@y... on Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:18:27
Hi All,

I'm really confused on working with DataGrid in my webform!!  I'm supposed 
to load the data to the DataGrid based on a DocumentID entered by the 
user.  I had entered some test data in my database, but when the page 
loads, I can see my DataGrid header, but not the data in it!!  So,:

1.  Am I supposed to fill the dataset & bind the datagrid in the Page_load 

2.  Where do I actually get the parameter entered by the user to be passed 
on to the stored procedure?

3.  How does the data retrieved from the table know which columns to go 
when it gets to the DataGrid?

4.  Can I have a blank row in the DataGrid when the page first load?  So 
as to allow the user to enter the data?

5.  Should the columnID of the DataGrid be the same as the column name in 
the table?

6.  Do I have to declare SQLDataAdapter, DataSet & DataView for 
datagrid??  if so, how?? Is it the same as how we did for, e.g. 


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