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aspx thread: Did FrontPage scrap my web service?

Message #1 by "Aaron Chavez" <achavez382@w...> on Fri, 19 Jul 2002 21:54:19
(disregard the server names, it's so I don't get lost)
I have web service running on server 'DEV'.  I have the accessing ASP.NET 
page running on production intranet server 'LittleNet'.  I open up 
security  on the production server to another NT group, adding them to the 
Administrators group, so they can do installs.

Within a couple of hours, the ASP.NET page (running on LittleNet) chokes, 
the web service (running on DEV) says it can't write to a cache directory 
(on DEV) it's been writing to for months.  The directory is fine, drive 
not full or close.  No quotas running.

I check the Event Log on LittleNet.  An application install was logged, 
something called WebFldrs.exe, which comes as a cab in IE5.5 and FrontPage 
and uses MSIInstaller.  The log record didn't have a user, event type 

The other NT group I gave access to uses *sigh* FrontPage for their 
department sites.  Nobody in the other group 'fesses up to pointing 
Frontpage at the server.  Google 'webfldrs' and I find instructions re: if 
you are having problems writing to folders on your web server with FP, run 

What doesn't make sense is that the ASP on LittleNet returned the error, 
but the folder in question was on the DEV other machine running the web 
service.  Anyway, I removed their Admin access, reinstalled the ASP app 
using a VS.NET deployment package and all is well.  

Anybody else, ideas?

aaron chavez

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