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beginning_java thread: I try to use java console or dos prompt to execute java

Message #1 by "jcte" <jcte@i...> on Tue, 23 Apr 2002 08:06:35 +0800
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Dear Ivor,
Thanks for your quick reply on my first question about jdk ver.
Ok, here is another.  I have a jbuilder ver3 university edition 
installed at my computer.  I know that I should learn first dos base 
command.so   I was trying to use Java interpreter and it has an error as 

error opening registry key/software\javasoft\Java runtime environment/
error : could not find Java.DLL
error: could not find Java2 runtime environment.
Can you help me?  other command does not have error when i used it.

I have both jdk and jre installed. 


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