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crystal_reports thread: Printing with CR .NET

Message #1 by "Bill McCarthy" <wpm@n...> on Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:46:07 -0800
A couple of questions about printing while using CR in VS.NET:

1.  I need to be sure the DUPLEX printing option is on for a report.  What
is the best way to do this prior to printing a report with CR?

2.  I have a need to print the back side of a report upside down.  This is
because the forms are for a legal use and the court clerks bind them into a
folder at the top.  They have to read the back by flipping it up from the
bottom.  HP printers have afeature called REVERSE PORTRAIT.  I don't want to
embed control codes into the report because I just might get a non-HP
printer that doesn't support this feature.  How can I tell CR to turn a page
180 degrees?  It must turn both the form and the data.

3.  In case embedding control codes is the only solution, do I have to
anything special to put these codes into the report?

Bill McCarthy

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