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db2 thread: Re: Select top 10 records ?

Message #1 by "Alex Read" <aread@b...> on Fri, 24 May 2002 11:34:04
wow, I thought this one was dead & buried & gave up.

Oleg, the broader picture was that I was trying to insert an as/400 file 
into an Excel spreadsheet. Rather than filtering the top 10 records, 
realistically, I had to filter the first 32000 so Excel could handle the 
amount of rows.

My solution was to use the MsQuery wizard to grab the as/400 file as it 
automatically cuts the number of records to fit. 
(ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add() method).

This is probably not what you wwanted to hear, I never did find a way to 
filter the top 10, but when I get the chance I'll have a look at some of 
those other suggestions - thanks guys!

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