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dotnet_framework thread: .NET (the Next version of COM)

Message #1 by roman.mueller@i... on Tue, 5 Jun 2001 07:58:43
Hi Roman,

Can u justify or can u eloberate that .Net is next
verson of COM because i have some confusion on it.

--- roman.mueller@i... wrote:
> Hello
> There were a few discussions about COM and .NET and
> why we should learn a 
> new concept at all.
> In March I attended the Visual Studio .NET Developer
> Conference in 
> Copenhagen. In a Session titled "Component
> Technology and Microsoft .NET - 
> Life after IUnknown" Don Box (DevelopMentor)
> explained that .NET is really 
> the next version of COM. He said that ".NET" is
> basically marchitecture. 
> When this all started, .NET was called COM3 (version
> 3 of COM, after COM+, 
> which was version 2). But when the played around
> with it, the installed 
> the software in a directory "COM3". Now the problem
> was, that some MS-OSs 
> didn't allow to delete this directory, cause you
> can't delete a serial 
> port.
> This why .NET is called .NET and not COM3.
> Any comments?
> ---

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