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html_code_clinic thread: With NN4, is it possible to embed An ActiveX control as an object and then refer it in JavaScript?

Message #1 by "Douglas Chen" <dchen@m...> on Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:53:30 +0100

> I'm trying to make a webpage working with NN4, which page has an ActiveX
> Control embeded:

This is your problem. NN4 doesn't support the <OBJECT> tag in any form, and last I
saw nor did the latest beta of NN6/Mozilla. ActiveX controls were the
preserve of Microsoft although there was a plug from NCompassLabs which
allowed you to support them partially on NN. However a quick detour to
their site at ncompasslabs.com reveals:
"Notice to Plug-In Customers
On December 13, 1999 NCompass Labs made the decision to cease further
development on the ScriptActive and DocActive plug-ins. The decision was
based on a declining market for these products."
>Is it possible to embed an ActiveX Control as an object and
> then refer it in Javascript with NN4. 

Unfortunately not. The EMBED tag which is non-standard is your best bet
for embedding components, but I suspect won't give you any joy on ActiveX
controls and following NCompassLabs announcement,I suspect you will have
to wait and hope that NN6 (aka Mozilla) will support the <OBJECT> tag properly,
which given the very positive statements they've made on HTML 4
compatibility, I suspect it will.


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