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html_code_clinic thread: Overrule border style for Input type=radio

Message #1 by Imar Spaanjaars <Imar@S...> on Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:31:53 +0200
I think the CLASS solution is indeed the best option so far. As far as I 
know, you can add a CLASS to (almost) any element in HTML, so <INPUT 
TYPE="radio" CLASS="myClassWithoutABorder"> would work as well, without the 
need for the <DIV>. I am not (yet) sure whether this works in Netscape. But 
that isn't a real problem in this case, because Netscape doesn't understand 
"border : 1 solid;" anyway :=(

Adding the CLASS element is not a real problem. I use Interdev myself as 
well, so this can be easily achieved. It only has to be added during 
development. But the main advantage is changing stuff afterwards
Very often, we build stuff the way we think it should be done based on a 
functional and technical design. Then, together with the customer we 
prototype things like color and other design issues. Then the CLASS element 
comes in handy: all I have to alter is one stylesheet, and the whole look 
will change immediately, without changing any other part of the site.

Thanks for your thoughts and advice on this. Please let me know if you 
discover the INPUT.radio element in CSS.....


At 02:57 PM 9/14/2000 +0200, you wrote:

>Well, its a problem u know, due to the limitations of (d)html.
>  If you use a stylesheet like: INPUT
>     BORDER-RIGHT: solid;
>     BORDER-TOP: solid;
>     BORDER-LEFT: solid;
>     BORDER-BOTTOM: solid
>all your input boxes will be solid. There is no ( not to my knowledge) way
>to make out the different part of the the type (e.g inputbox,checkbox...)
>Another way is to use a CLASS. There you will face another problem, you will
>have to use a <span> <div> or <p> tag surrounding the input box like this:
>         <div class="solid"><inputbot=textbox....></div> so to use your own
>phrase you wil be "searchin' and
>replacin' for 2 hours" again

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