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html_code_clinic thread: What does the "id" mean in a form tag?

Message #1 by "Ben" <formula1@b...> on Fri, 15 Sep 2000 18:18:28 +0100
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How does the id tag differ from the name tag??

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  From: ivan.posselt@n...
  To: HTML Code Clinic
  Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 6:10 AM
  Subject: [html_code_clinic] RE: What does the "id" mean in a form tag?

  The id =3Dform1 is a unique ID you use in dhtml (DOM) like e.g.

  if (document.form1.radio(0)=3D=3Dchecked)

  in this way you can access the different objects and properties, 
  HTML into objects (DOM) - so to speak !


  > -----Original Message-----
  > From: Ben [SMTP:formula1@b...]
  > Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 20:15
  > To: HTML Code Clinic
  > Subject: [html_code_clinic] What does the "id" mean in a form tag?
  > I'm pretty conversant in both HTML and ASP now (developed a couple 
  > actual running ecommerce sites with 40,000 products in db as well as 
  > projects) but I've recently run into something that I'm not sure 

what it
  > does and I haven't been able to find documentation on it.  Here is a
  > sample of the code:
  > <FORM METHOD=3D"post" ACTION=3D"sample.asp?from=3Dsubmit" id=3Dform1
  > name=3D"firstpage">
  > I know everything in this tag except for the id=3Dform1...I've seen 
it used
  > in vbscript but don't know what it is used for.  Can someone clue me 
in on
  > this?
  > thanks
  > Ben

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