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html_code_clinic thread: Question about Screen Resolution

Message #1 by "Seth Parker" <parker149@h...> on Fri, 12 Oct 2001 19:22:38
I was about to post a question similar to this myself actually, with a
similar layout but in relation to using CSS for the layout.

I think the easiest way to account for different resolutions is to use fixed
widths for two of the columns and let the other column vary in width (which
the browser will do automatically.)  As i stated Im still searching for an
answer in regard to setting up this layout uing CSS and DIV's, however I can
show you how its done with tables, with your left column being the varying
one.  (Often its best to set the center column as the varying one for looks)

'header section
<table width = 100%>
	'header stuff goes in here

<table width = 100%>
	<td width = "*">
		'left column for mall categores - VARYING WIDTH
	<td width = "175px">
		'center column for specials - FIXED WIDTH
	<td width = "175px">
		'right column for ads = FIXED WIDTH

You could also use percentages for the fixed width columns if you didnt want
to limit it to a specific size.



-----Original Message-----
From: Seth Parker [mailto:parker149@h...]
Sent: Friday, 12 October 2001 7:23 PM
To: HTML Code Clinic
Subject: [html_code_clinic] Question about Screen Resolution

Getting back into the Website design after a long break.

I understand that the biggest hurdle for a web page author / designer is
taking in account for various screen resolutions. This is where I seem to
be stumbling on with the site that I am presently trying to setup.

I have an online mall that needs to have gateway pages built for it and
placed on another site.  I have come up with a design that I seem to like.
First there will be a header graphic for the site and then a brief
description on the site. Then will come the meat of the site the Catagory
and subcatagory lists. I have decided on a  3 column design with the left
column for the malls catagories and sub catagories and links to contact me
or email the site to a friend, the center column for specials and featured
products and the third column for ads to other stores. BTW all the
information for the catgaories and subcatagories as well as specials is in
a database so ASP will be used to retrieve the information and to build
the proper links. This way if there is any new information all I have to
do is change the database and a few variables and the page updates itself

What would be the best way to implement this so that it would be visible
to the most resoulutions with out having to horizontally scroll the
browser window? I am going to limit the graphics in the 2nd and 3rd
columns to a width of no more than 175px.

I understand that most of this is gotten through experience and doing but
I am a type of person that takes a template or information and then uses
it and sees the results and then goes back in and tinkers with it to make
it they I want it to be.

Seth Parker
(under construction)

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