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j2me thread: Re: How to create a database using J2ME

Message #1 by "Mayank Bhargava" <bmayank@b...> on Wed, 4 Dec 2002 05:01:04
Hi all,
Are you guys familiar with the rms package...if not it is used to provide 
persitent storage for mobile devices. 
If you don't like to do that...there is another alternative....treat the 
database as a file and try creating input and output streams to it and 
then use those streams...this definitely works.

> hi

> i am student of mcs and doing also j2me programming
i>  also need the database connectivity for my project as well and 
a> lso want to use java mail api classes in j2me 

> pls if u have any code relating to this mail me 
i>  will be thanks full to u 


> bye
R> ashid

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