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java_howto thread: Saving Image objects as Standard Image File Formats (e.g. jpg)

Message #1 by "Kevin Mitchell" <k.b.mitchell-96@s...> on Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:12:20
I'm producing an application using Java that reads in a JPEG file from a 
URL as an image object, and then grabs the pixels from it using 
I then compare the pixel data for two images to detect differences.
If there are differences between the images, I need a way of saving the 
image objects from which the pixels were grabbed to disk.

IS there a way of saving an image object to disk as a standard image file 
format (jpg, gif or bmp) using Java, rather than just saving an array of 
pixel data as binary information, or the image object as an object?

Thanks in advance,

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