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nt_sys_admin thread: Re: Listing of granted permissions

Message #1 by tahir.khalid@v... on Sun, 2 Feb 2003 01:36:19

I had a similar nag with Windows NT when we had it in our network 
(upgraded to Windows 2000/Linux workstations).

As far as I can remember there were a few options, one was to obtain the 
Windows NT Resource Kit and use command line util SHOWACLS.EXE to display 
the file/directory/drive permissions and group access details.  You could 
also rip the file from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit but I don't know if 
it works on NT 4 - you can download the SHOWACLS util here :


Here are is command line syntax:

"ShowAcls.exe is a 32-bit command-line tool that displays NTFS permissions 
for files and directories. The tool enumerates the local and global groups 
to which a user belongs and matches the user's security identifier (SID) 
and the SIDs of the groups to which the user belongs against the SIDs in 
each access control entry (ACE)."

The syntax is:

showacls [/s] [/u:domain\user] [filespec]


/s includes sub-folders.

/u:domain\user will enumerate the permissions for a local or domain user 
or group.

filespec is a folder or file object."

The other option is to use a User Manager or Server Manager tool that can 
be found by searching google however these are normally commercial tools 
and can cost a bit.

Hope that helps,


> Is there a utility which can produce a list of groups and permissions 
a>  directory and all its subdirectories?

> I just setup up appx 58 directories with 11 groups having access rights 
a> ssigned on an NT 4.0 server.  I was hoping to find a utility that could 
l> ist the directories and rights for each group to make reviewing the 
e> asier and less time consuming.  I tried the cacls command but it 
l> ist anything but the administrators group.

> Thanks in advance.

> JW

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