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nt_sys_admin thread: Need help with network setup

Message #1 by "Rick" <rlmurphy@y...> on Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:38:38
The public IP address is for the router.  All of the private IP addresses
are for the machines on your network including your server.  So you would
access your server using the private address.

WAN:  Router
LAN: Server, Machine1, Machine2,etc.

Yes you can definitely enable DHCP on the router otherwise you have to
manually configure each workstation which can become a pain....so it's
better to just have one point of configuration.

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The router is an Efficient Networks Speed Stream. The setup routine on that

particular router sucks. Everything is manually configured, and I am not
allowed to use an IP range. There is two tabs of interest - enable NAT and
DHCP on Network. That is it.

Question: If the router has an IP address on the "WAN" side as well as an
address on the "LAN" side (both different) and I enable NAT, what IP
do I type to access my server? Of course, another factor in this is I
check DHCP, and have all computers on my network get its IP from the
router, correct? I have never used NAT before, so I am not sure how that


Hey Rick,

what kind of router are you using?  I setup a small office network (6
machines) using a D-Link router  a while back.  All you need is one public
IP address and using NAT, all of the machines on the LAN use private IP
addresses (ex. 192.168.x.x).  The router has a built-in dhcp server and

My recommendation is that you don't use ICS.  What happens is if that
computer in which you are sharing a NIC goes down then all of your other
computers won't be able to access the internet.  It's better to just use
NAT through a router so that won't have to worry about everyone accessing
the internet through that one computer's NIC.  But then again, this is just
a small-scale solution.

Hope that helps,


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Need help
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Hey bud...

I have much the same setup at my house... a couple computers (5), 1 cable
modem connection with 1 IP..  I setup a comp (PII 350, 2 nics) with win2k
server, then setup NAT on it (I used NAT instead of ICS... <shrug> dunno
why:)).  All my other comps plug into a switch that is plugged into my
"internal" network card.  The server is a DHCP server and shoots out IP
addy's to all my other comps.  This setup works quite nicely.

As for the slow down at 2 am... what other software do you have installed
the box?  I know of issue's with Zone Alarm for instance, it'll completely
stop all network traffic after a while... kind of a pain in the arse
That's the first thing I'd check out if I were you.

Anyway, hope this helps.

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From: Rick [mailto:rlmurphy@y...]
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 10:39 AM
To: NT Sys Admin
Subject: [nt_sys_admin] Need help with network setup

Thanks for reading - this will be long so if ou do not mind, you might want
get some coffee:

I work for a small department at a university and set up the server with

university network in mind - an unlimited supply of IP addresses. I have
switched to DSL with a limited number of IP addresses. Here is my setup:

DSL to the included Router. DSL company gave me 5 IP addresses (6
including the IP address of the router). That router is pluged into a 12
switch, and I have 10 computers.

I have one Win2K server with active directory, DHCP, DNS, IIS installed.
server has 2 network cards.

I don't need all the computers to access the internet. The ones that do,
including the server, have been manually configured. The only way I can get

the other computers to access the server is to configure Internet

Sharing on one of the other network cards, and the other computers are set
to DHCP.

I do know there are problems with ICS and I am OK with that, but I want to
simplify my life and wonder if I can have the network configured this way:

The router will have an IP, and the server will have an IP, and all others
have DHCP and ICS will not be used. I did try to create a DHCP scope with
IP addresses above the ones I had (like I said, I don't care if I can
connect to
the internet with the other machines) just to be on the same subnet, but it

ended up creating "superscopes" because the subnet is I
have to admit I am ignorant when it comes to subnets.

Is there a way to simplify, or am I stuck with ICS? Also of another note,
since I have configured my system this way - every night beginning at about

2AM, the server slows down (when I try to access the website). When I get
to work, the hard drive is paging like crazy, and logging in takes about 20

minutes (seriously). I just come in every morning and hit the reset button.

Everything will work fine all day and evening until 2AM. I check the event
viewer and there is nothing to indicate a problem. I am assuming it has to
with my configuration since it has never done this before I switched to


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