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pro_jsp thread: jsp book

Message #1 by "Paritosh" <soni29@h...> on Wed, 27 Feb 2002 01:53:05
You might want to look at Professional JSP instead. It focusses almost
completely at JSP, where the book you mention is more of a general overview
of all enterprise Java technologies.

Jeroen T. Wenting

Murphy was wrong, things that can't go wrong will anyway
> hi,
> i wanted to buy the book:
> Professional Java Server Programming
> i have a project to do in college and need a jsp book for it, but
> before i
> get this i wanted to ask about it.  does this book have a lot of
> examples,
> is it easy to understand?  i need to make something like a student
> registration system, login logout, queries and modify tables.  will this
> book help?  i'm familiar with java, read beginning java 2, and thought it
> was fantastic so i'd like another wrox book.  any advice?
> thank you.

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