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pro_jsp thread: Problems with Struts ActionForward

Message #1 by rshields@s... on Thu, 28 Feb 2002 05:06:55
I have been trying to follow the model used in Chapter 8 of the Pro JSP 
site design book. In that I mean separating the date entities, CRUD,  
business logic, and action classes. My question is in doing so how could 
you run a findByPrimaryKey select statement that then forwards to a jsp 
depending on whether the select statement gets a NULL result or not. 

The way I understand the concept in the auction example is that you model 
the table structure in an entity class. Develop prepared sql statements 
in a DAO class. Call the DAO using a business object class that is run by 
an Action class. This has me a bit perplexed because I want to use this 
separation but can't get a forward when I get a null result set because 
it throws an error. 


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