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pro_php thread: Session problem in two parts

Message #1 by "Joel Wickard" <jwickard@l...> on Thu, 22 Feb 2001 20:16:47
> <?php
> session_register("variable1");
> session_register("variable2");
> ?>
> <html>
> <body....(more html)

sometimes you have to include the session_start() to start the session
this can be overruled with the session.auto_start=1 in php.ini

> <?php
>     $variable1 = 0;
>     $variable2 = 1;
> ?>
> </body>
> </html>(end of document)

this is ok :-)

> <?php
>      session_start(); //I included this line, because that's the only way
> ?>                    //I could figure out how to get to the session 
>                       //variables.

this is not ok, the session has already started.
if you have trans_SID enabled in php,you won't need to urlencode the 
session-ID, otherwise send it with the url.
with this you can simply access the variables like you have done before.
You could also set the variables with session_register("varname"); 
and retrieve them with $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["varname"]

> <?php
> if($variable1 > $variable2)
> {
>      echo("var1 is bigger");
> }
> else
> {
>      echo("var2 is bigger");
> }
> ?>
safest way to see if a session is started, is to check for the cookie 
named "PHPSESSID" or to check if there is a folder created in your php.ini-
's session.save_path folder.

hope this helps,

Wouter Rusman

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