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pro_vb thread: Mail with Vb

Message #1 by shahid713@y... on Thu, 12 Apr 2001 12:48:22
The others have pretty much explained what
you need to do.  I just have one warning though.

If you are using MS Outlook to send mail out,
make sure that the user of your VB application
does not have the Outlook Email Security Update
installed on their machine.  I have had problems
with this update preventing my applications
from sending email out in certain circumstances.

For more information on this update goto:


Outlook 2000 also has a similiar patch.


Cardyin Kim
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Information Services
San Antonio Community Hospital
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From: shahid713@y... [mailto:shahid713@y...]
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 5:48 AM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] Mail with Vb

Hi Guys,
I designed a form there are some fields like Name, Address, e_mail, City 
etc. User input these fields. In the future they want to e_mail the 
specific Citys record. How can i call the outlook and perform the job 
through the VB.

PLZ Help


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