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pro_vb thread: Access database synchronisation

Message #1 by peterdatkins <peterdatkins@n...> on Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:05:11 +0100
This should be easy as far as using XML.  I write Synchronization programs
for my databases as well (From SQL Server 200 to Access).  XML is probably
the fastest way to do this.

You could use an ActiveX EXE (as a standalone exe) on a Server computer
which could be waiting for the Client data to start streaming through (using
ADO's Ado.Stream) using XML Data.  Since an ADO Recordset can Open XML files
directly (as long as it was Saved using ADO.Recordset.Save adPersistXML),
you can then Open a Recordset of the Streamed data and Sync it inot your
Main database.

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We have a similar application.  To synchronize the databases we use a
system of ASPs that read the database and then send to each other using
MSXML (the microsoft xml parser) with the XML_HTTP function.

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